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Metal Partial Dentures

Castodent specialises in the manufacture of Metal Partial Dentures in Perth. We are a licensed Vitallium® laboratory and use Vitallium™ 2000 chrome cobalt, the world’s leading premium partial denture alloy for over 60 years.

Our dental technicians design each partial using clinical information provided by dental clinics and denture specialists. Our strict attention to detail, combined with quality materials, the latest techniques and casting equipment ensure we deliver high quality dental prostheses, every time.

Vitallium 2000’s unique properties enable us to manufacture frameworks with extraordinary strength and unprecedented fracture resistance, while allowing for smaller, lighter, and more delicate partial frameworks.

Benefits to patients include:

  • Smaller, lighter dentures for a more comfortable fit

  • Biocompatible – no allergic reaction

  • Refined surface – maintains its lustre and resists plaque

  • Adjustability and fracture resistance

  • Guaranteed strength, function, and superior fit

  • Aesthetic partial denture designs

Valplast Flexible Partials

Castodent also specialises in the manufacture of Valplast® Flexible Partials in Perth.

Valplast is the world’s most popular aesthetic partial. It provides an alternative to metal partial restoration and allows dentists to satisfy those patients who prefer metal free dentistry.

Valplast is a flexible denture base resin that is ideal for partial dentures. Its unique material blends with the natural tissue providing virtually invisible support and a more pleasing smile. Valplast has excellent retention and aesthetics giving patients more confidence when eating and smiling.

Prosthetic Services

Castodent offers a full range of Dental Prosthetic Services to Western Australian dental clinics and denture professionals. Our highly trained dental technicians have many years of experience. They use the latest technology to craft high quality prosthetic products and perform denture repairs, relines, and additions.

Our dental prosthetic services include:

  • Full and Partial Acrylic Dentures

  • Splints

  • Mouthguards

  • Denture Repairs, Relines, and Additions

Micro Laser Welding

The micro welder is a device designed for use in welding and joining work in dental technology. It is suitable for new fabrications as well as repairing metallic dental prostheses.

Castodent provides micro welding services for dental clinics and denture professionals in Western Australia. We specialise in dental welding work for new restorations and repairs, including different alloy combinations, such as precious to cobalt-chrome.

Most of our welding is carried out on existing metal partial dentures for restorative repairs or additions and can usually be completed on the same day.

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